Garden view
Are you wondering whether your favourite plant can be found in the Botanical Garden? Perhaps you saw an interesting plant yesterday, but have forgotten its name? In the Explorer, you can search for information in many different ways. You don’t have to fill in all the boxes, just write what you do know - for example, the plant’s name, or the garden area where you saw it - and click Search.

There are 3879 plant species in the Botanical Garden. They are used in research and education, as well as to promote the public’s knowledge and appreciation of nature.

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Garden areas
Garden areas:
1. The Arboretum Symbol
2. The Scented Garden
3. The Rock Garden
4. Great-granny’s Garden
5. The Oslo Ridge
6. Red- and black-listed plants
7. The Systematic Garden
8. The Herb Garden
9. Greenhouses